Ben Peetermans

Ben Peetermans


Ben has had a passion for website design, graphic design and online user experience since childhood. He is thrilled to be able to fulfill his dream, working both as part of teams and as an individual to create solutions for clients in over 14 different countries.

Specializing in a number of Adobe products, software and platforms, Ben offers a wide range of solutions which in most cases would require multiple professionals to get the job done.

Website design, WordPress development, implementing mobile friendly solutions, eCommerce management, eCommerce conversion increase and on-site SEO are just a few of the many services Ben provides.

Aside from his technical knowledge, Ben has a broad skill set which includes the ability to be observant, collaborate idea’s and manage large projects.

He is very dedicated to his work and will always put client satisfaction first.

With eight years of experience under his belt, Ben now sees himself as a business partner to his clients, not just as a one-time service provider and prides himself on building lasting relationships.

Outside of the office, Ben enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife and pursuing his love of the great outdoors. From fishing, kayaking and boating, to watching the sun set over the Florida ocean, Ben gains great balance from the serenity afforded by his downtime.